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Vava’u offers world class sport fishing where you encounter five species of billfish: Blue, Black & Striped Marlin, Sailfish & Short Bill Spearfish, together with Broadbill and the most common pelagic species like Wahoo, Mahimahi, Tuna, GT’s and a host of hard fighting reef fish.

Deep water surrounds Tonga and strong oceanic currents bring close to land fall, a rich and diverse food supply that attracts all the migratory species, especially huge volumes of bait fish.

Geographically, Vava’u lies in such a way as to provide leeward protection so you do not have to travel far offshore to catch serious blue water sport fish.

On a normal day you can cover deepwater drop offs, sea mounts, extensive reef and bank systems with the opportunity of catching your target species.

As the billfish capital of the South Pacific, Blue Marlin are the predominant species and it is not unusual to get 4-6 shots a day and if you want big sailfish ..... Tonga holds the IGFA World Record for a monster 95kg Sail caught on 24kg line.

Whether you are just a beginner or experienced sport fisherman, Vava’u has a lot to offer.....light tackle to heavy tackle, big fish, lots of them, reef fish and diversity of catch

Come fish Vava’u  .......

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